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About Us

Commodities Export in Nigeria :

Extensive experience and knowledge in international business of our consultants will help you succeed and grow your business internationally, export Your local value.

The Thy Global Investment Ltd is an international company specialized in export consultancy aiming at offering its services to small and medium companies. The Thy Global offers various services from  Export Mentoring Service, Export Planning Service, Contract Sourcing Service, Export market information, Trade

Execution for Investors,International Business Training, International Fair Preparation to end-to-end solutions comprising all the aspects of product introduction into a new market. The Thy Global will help you to acquire the set of skills and knowledge enabling you to operate in the international business.
•Over 10 years of hands-on experience
•Deep knowledge on HOW and WHAT in exports
•Your “one stop shop” for all matters of international business
•Tailored consulting services.